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Meguiar's Designer Wraps Liqui-Moly
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REMOVES TRANSMISSION SLUDGE Gentle & rapid cleaning Optimises shifting performance Extends transmission life Liqui-Moly Auto Trans Flush is designed to gently and rapidly dissolve disruptive deposits and residues in automatic transmissions, allowing them to freely drain with the old transmission oil. This extends the transmission service life and provides optimal shifting performance. These highly effective detergent and dispersant additives (in association with the carrier fluid) have been proven to dissolve sludge and lacquer formers while being neutral to seals and other materials housed within the transmission.
Price: $19.95
PROVIDES OPTIMAL SHIFTING PERFORMANCE Dampens shifting noise & protects from wear Stops & prevents transmission oil leaks Prevents deterioration of oil and oxidation Liqui-Moly Auto Trans Restorer revives rubber and plastic seals in automatic transmissions to stop existing leaks and prevent new ones forming. In addition, holes and galleries in the transmission are cleaned and the oil is treated to restore its performance. Using Auto Trans Restorer will improve shifting operation and extend the service life of automatic transmissions while reducing repair costs. Can also be added to power steering systems that are filled with ATF II and ATF III oils to reduce noise, help optimise steering performance and stop leaks.
Price: $31.95
In addition to removing oil sludge, Liqui-Moly Engine Detox is a powerful cleanser that totally removes deposits and residues from all internal engine components, including piston rings. Solid particles and liquid contaminants are isolated and allowed to freely drain with the old engine oil. * Removes harmful deposits and residues from engine internals. * Maximises life and performance of motor oil and motor oil treatments.
Price: $25.95
Liqui-Moly MOS2 Anti-Friction Engine Treatment forms a high load-bearing film on all wearing components which significantly reduces friction, heat and wear. MOS2 (Molybdenum Disulfide) is renowned for its very low co-efficient of friction and ability to cling to surfaces even under extreme conditions. * Substantially reduces wear & extends engine life. * Less heat, smooth running, reduced fuel consumption.
Price: $18.95
Liqui-Moly Engine Oil Resealer rejuvenates dried-out oil seals, o-rings and valve-stem seals which significantly reduces oil consumption and stops oil leaks. This product also compensates for viscosity loss, dampens engine noise and prevents blue exhaust smoke. * Rejuvenates dried-out seals. * Reduces oil consumption.
Price: $17.95
Liqui-Moly Tappet Stop Noise dampens the noise caused by worn hydraulic lifters/tappets. It cleans valves, guides and bores and promotes optimum operation without affecting oil viscosity. Suitable for all petrol, diesel and LP gas engines. * Optimum functioning of hydraulic lifters. * Cleans valves, guides and bores.
Price: $17.95
Liqui-Moly Engine Flush Plus cleans the engine by allowing solid and liquid contaminants to freely drain with the old engine oil. Suitable for all petrol, diesel and LP gas engines. Safe and effective for turbocharged and supercharged engines engine seals, gaskets and bearings. * Removes harmful deposits and residues. * Keeps oil screens and sprayers free of blockages.
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